Physical Expectations for Air Forces

Some people are interested in Air Force Military Training. Thus, to complete this training, they should meet some expectations about physical fitness. Provided that you want to finish this education, you should work out regularly to shape your body as wanted. You can deal with all the problems by means of these exercises you have. Thus, you should give much importance to your healthy appearance along with many features you have. To work in that branch, there are some steps you should follow steps including physical training. This passage talks about the levels of Air Force Military Training beside its physical expectations.

Why Physical Expectation is Important?

All the people who are in air force anticipate why it is so important. They try to meet the expectations for this culture, while the others make this because of their lifestyle. One of the most important reasons is motivation in that the people get motivation by means of exercises they do. The second one is about the production the people produce. That is to say, their versatile characteristics appear by means of exercise. Third one is the fact that they achieve all the goals avoiding from stressful situations. The last one is about the creation of group work. Namely, they work in group work through solidarity to some extent. Thus, Air force military training provides the students with them its benefits.

Physical Training -
Physical Training –

Levels of Air Force Military Training

There are four basic levels during this education.


You should provide expectations for the standard selection. It is basic standard. Thus, to step forward towards achievement, you will climb to this level successfully. It has some basic expectations for women and men.


This is also called as basic standard. You should meet expectations for this level. It has no honor. But it shows your aim to reach your level up. It is minimum graduation standard.


It is the level of success with honor. It is the sign and basic clue of your achievement or target. It has much importance on this level. It is called as honor graduate minimum standard.


It is the most important standard for your achievement. Besides, it shows that you are in the highest degree. However, the rate of success changes on the base of genders.

But please don’t forget that these levels are about the basic training. After this period, expectations will change.

Physical Expectations

These expectations alter on the base of genders as said above.

Standard Level for Men

They must run two miles, 1.5 miles. They also do push-ups for a minute. In addition, they could do sit ups for a minute. They don’t have limit of time to do pull-up.

Standard Level for Women

They also have to run 2 miles, 1.5 miles. In addition to these, they should do push- ups for a minute, while they should do sit-ups for minute, too. But they don’t need to do pull-ups on the base of time. There is no limit.

Liberator Level for Men

They run 2 miles at quarter to five. Besides, they run 1.5 miles at three to twelve in the morning. Air force training program would like them to do push-ups 45 times, while they must do sit-ups 50 times. They don’t have to finish to do exercise of pull ups.

Liberator for Women

Women also begin to run at quarter to five like men. They should run 1.5 miles at four to two o’clock in the afternoon. They should do push-up 27 times, whereas they must do sit ups 50 times. They also don’t have to finish to do exercise for pull-ups.

Thunderbolt Level for Men

They will have to run 2 miles at quarter past two in the afternoon. Besides, they should run 1.5 miles at five to nine.  Count to do push –ups are sixty two. That is to say, they must do push-ups exactly 62 times. Moreover, they must complete to do sit ups by doing it 70 times. However, they also do pull- ups 4 times

Thunderbolt for Women

Time to begin running is at four o’clock in the evening. They also should run at twenty seven to twelve in the afternoon. And also they must complete do push-ups 37 times. While it is another expectation to do sit- ups sixty times, they should also do pull- ups two times.

Warhawk Level for Men

This level has high expectations. They begin to run at half past three in the afternoon. They should also go on running at eight past eight. Furthermore, they must do push-ups seventy five times. And also it is the expectation that they should do sit ups eighty times, while they must do pull-ups ten times.

Warhawk Level for Women

They run a three o’clock pm. Besides, they run at five to eleven. And they are expected to do push- ups forty times, while they must do sit ups seventy five times. In addition to all these, they have to do pull ups five times.

Advises for Such a Training

Follow a plan. Working in a plan will give you many chances to improve yourself. Or else you may come across some injuries, and you could be taken to the home for recover.

Get accustomed to work in early time. It is a period that you should work out regularly, as though you went to work during this period.

Lose weight. It is very important step you should pay attention to your weight. You can support a diet with your physical exercises. An also you can begin running at first to carry this out.

All in all, physical expectations of Air Force Military Training are clear on this passage. You can begin to do working out well in order to graduate from this physical program. It might seem difficult at first, but it may transform in to enjoyable time as the time passes. It will be great advantage for your next options in military. Don’t hesitate and try it as soon as possible.