How An Offer Letter Can Get You The Job?

If you want to have one more worker to your institution, you have to make a job offer. A job offer is just one thing to do before you take a worker to your institution. It is the final step of job interview. The applicant is positive in all interviews and finally a job offer is made to him or her. That’s why an institution which has just one worker, will make this offer one day.

A job offer letter is used to offer a new position to a worker in companies. It can be used in all kinds of companies, but it is necessary to be made a job offer as written. In professional companies, firstly you make an oral job offer. Then you send a written job offer to provide it to be formal. This document is important for both employer and worker to protect their benefits.

A job offer letter includes important details to help the worker if he or she accepts the offer or not. While you are making a job offer to an applicant, you should give some information.

  • Salary
  • Social Rights
  • Which department will he or she work?
  • Name of his or her first manager
  • Other social policies and procedures which you have in your company.

Points to Consider While Making a Job Offer

A job offer can change according to the position and maybe you talk about this offer before. If you don’t talk, you can make a bargain in offer.

All of companies have a policy about salary and other additional payments. Maybe company gives a decision how much it will pay to someone. Human resources policy specify these issues. There are some scales like top wage level and average wage level. Companies give salary to their workers according to this scale.

Mention About the Work Agreement in Job Offer

It is necessary for you to mention about work agreement’s duration and content. Is it an employment contract of indefinite duration or employment contract of definite duration?

How Should You Evaluate a Job Offer?

You made lots of applicant and you were called for job interviews. Shortly, you spent lots of time to find a job. Now, you took a job offer. How should you evaluate it?

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Job Offer

Firstly, you have to know clearly advantages and disadvantages of a job offer before you decide to accept or reject it. You should compare your expectations with the conditions of that job offer. Maybe they are not similar to each other. Maybe you can have better opportunities about this issue. You can have better chances. You shouldn’t forget that you are a qualified worker and you don’t need to accept it or reject it. If you really want to work in that company, you should accept it.

Besides that, you should look at workplace, your colleagues, bosses, authorities, working hours, vacation days and working area, etc.

While evaluating a job offer;

  • Be careful about salary balance: You should examine the salary which you really deserve for that job. Try to make a bargain in the job offer according to your professional competence.
  • See the office environment before you accept or reject the job offer: You know that which environment will make you happy and which environment will make you unhappy. Some people like moving and intensive offices but some of them likes more relax and silent offices. So, you should look at the office environment to have a good decision about the job offer.
  • Institutional Culture: Every institution has a special culture, values and aims. If these cultures, values and aims are same with yours, you can be happy in that institution. If the company’s culture, value or aim is not similar to yours, it will certainly affect your happiness in the company.
  • Distance from Home to Office: You live in a metropole city and the biggest problem of metropole cities is traffic and crowded. If there is too much way between your house and the office, it will affect you negatively maybe not today but it will affect later. Your office is away from your house and you will have this problem for days in a week.
  • Try to have information about worker-manager relationship: In some companies, workers and managers are like friends but there is a formal relationship between workers and managers in some companies. You should examine this issue before you give your decision. If you have a familiar person who works in that company, you can ask him or her about workers-manager relationship.