Internship Interview Questions

When the subject is internship interviews, you pay too much attention for our attire, our CV or resume, behaviors, etc. But you forget that the interview shouldn’t include just the authority’s questions, it should also include the applicant’s questions, and you should ask some questions to the partner. You have this right. What can you ask questions to the company in an internship interview?

Questions to Be Asked Companies

  1. Do you have a basic program for your interns? How expectations should I have from the internship? : If you learn whether you will have an education program or not, you can have an idea about your first internship day.
  2. What kind of projects will I work as an intern? By asking this question, you can learn whether your internship will be related to your career or not.
  3. What will the biggest challenges which I will come across? : You should know something about the company, the company’s atmosphere, vision and mission, etc.
  4. Which characteristics do you look for a successful intern? : When you ask this question, your aim is to learn which characteristics they like or they dislike.
  5. Which resources can I benefit in the company duration my internship? : You can learn if you have a job opportunity after internship or not.
  6. How did you start to work here? : Don’t forget that your partner was an intern before. So, you can have some clues when you learn how he or she started to work there.
  7. How company culture do you have? You should enjoy from your workplace. So, you have to ask about the company’s culture.

Questions to Be Asked Interns in Internship Interviews

  1. Most Important and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can you introduce yourself? Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Can you give an example about a project which you were the leader?
  • How can you describe yourself with just three words?
  • What is your career aim? Where do you see yourself within 5 years?
  1. Questions About Internship Position
  • Why are you interested in this internship position?
  • Do you have any idea about our company?
  • Did you make a surf about our company on web before our interview?
  • How can you contribute our company? Do you have a new idea about a problem which we have?
  • Which difference do you have? Why are you different from other interns?
  • What do you think about this internship? How can you improve yourself in this internship?
  • Do you know a foreign language?
  • Do you know any person in our company?
  1. Questions About Your Academic Life
  • Why did you study this department?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • How do your teachers describe you?
  • What was your biggest success?
  • What was your biggest failure?
  • Did you work in any workplace while you were studying?
  • Give an example about a teamwork which you were in.
  • Can you give an example about a work or a project which you had lots of duties in the same time?
  • Does any person criticize you? Give an example, please.
  • Do you have any presentation that you made before?

To Be Successful in an Internship Interview…

  • You should certainly be positive, merry and optimist while you are replying the employer’s questions. Let them feel that this program will be positive for your career.
  • If your internship department is in a technical part, the employer will want to try you and your technical information. He or she will ask about your work history. Which projects did you work or develop or study? You should describe them.
  • Finally the employer will ask you if you have any question or not. Your questions can be about the job, accommodation and working hours. To ask any question to the employer is an indicator that you are interested in. So, you should prepare your questions to ask the employer before interview.
  • In the end of the interview, if the employer likes you, he or she gives information about the job and workplace. While the interview is finishing, thank the employer and express that you are nice to meet him or her.