How Should Business Casual Be?


Even if there isn’t formal uniform in every job, there are business attires according to their features. Of course, the quality of your clothes is important, clothes also is accepted as a sign of respect. In addition to this factor, there are sectoral differences and business life is regulatory. For example; you go to a hospital. Doctors, nurses, cleaners, ward masters will be there. If all of them wear the same uniform or civilian clothing, you can not understand who is a doctor, nurse or another. If they have their own business casual, there will not be a mixed.

Business attires are made according to that sector. For example; a 112 emergency attires and firefighter attires are different from others. Because they have non-combustible feature. But there is no such feature in a doctor’s uniform.

New Business Attire Style – Smart Casual

Information Technologies workers who manage the technology, didn’t want to wear classical business attire, they specified a dressing style which is both classic and sport but chic. Nowadays, all of world wears this style – smart casual!

It is spreading so fast that you have to understand what it is correctly to wear in your office and not to be comic.

  1. Starting Point of Smart Casual

This business attire comes from California – Silicon Valley. The workers who work in California, rejected to wear classic suitcases and started to come to their offices with a jean and a t-shirt. Smart casual and business casual are comfortable and chic dressing styles so they are accepted by all of world.

  1. Belief of Wearing Business Formal for Top Management

Institutional dressing culture dragged with smart casual as chic. But someone still believes that top management should wear business formal – classic. Firms which have a corporate identity in some sectors, always renovate their dress codes to go on their images. While some firms are giving dress code to their workers, some firms go on to wear as smart casual.

  1. Y and Z Generation Love Smart Casual

Y generation which slog on adapting to something, prefer smart casual. While to wear smart casual to feel comfortably is a blessing for me, it is necessary to wear as suitable for your position. Maybe you can get promotion at any moment. Even if smart casual provides comfortability advantage, to be too much comfortable may not produce good results. The impression which you made on someone, may play a critical role for you.  To make a good impression, you should select your clothes well.

  1. Importance and Impression of Clothing 

It is important that how you wear and it specifies the first impression. As you know that, who are you and how you wear is 55% effective, your voice tone, body language and how you say is 38%, what you say is 7% effective for opposite side. Dressing and body language are quietly important.

  1. Colorful Trend and Brave Attires

The companies which have smart casual attire style, don’t prefer dark and classic colors. They reflect trend to the workplace, it is so positive approach. Self knowledge of the workers and following trends are so important points.

  1. Buy Slim Fit Size and Square Your Shoulders

Even if comfort is at the forefront, chic is important. Harmony, color selection, cutting, etc. all of them are an entire. Slim fit cutting always seems as chic.

  1. Shoes

You should have at least 4 different shoes; black, dark blue, ginger and brown. The most comfortable shoes are loafer, they are known as timberland. They are suitable for jeans. Sneakers shoes can be worn with canvas jeans.

  1. Belt

You should have at least 4 different belts; they should be in the same colors with your shoes.

  1. Watch

You should have at least 4 different watches; black, brown, ginger and metal. If you don’t want to buy so many watches, you can buy just brown and metal watches. They are enough for you.

  1. Be Careful Your Ties

If you want to wear tie, of course you can use. But it is a selection matter.

Ideal Business Attires for Men and Women

  • If you have a stressed work, you can select energetic and comfortable attires.
  • If you have a comfortable or intensive workplace, you can wear as sport.
  • If you have a desk job or a serious job, you can use classic slacks or a shirt. You don’t need to wear so formal if you are 20s ages.

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