How is Organization of Army

USA army is a big army. You should examine it. There are so many groups for the soldiers.  The titles of these groups change according to the number of people. These titles such as squad, platoon, company, battalion, brigade and division are included in this army.  Each unit has own numbers of people, and get bigger, when you move on. These units are called on the base of historical developments. The titles depend on the parts. These units struggle for the wars in USA. There are many titles that have responsibilities in each unit. However, as said before, it has different numbers of people and directed by different commander. This passage talks about these units and its possession of soldiers. The titles of unit present different role of soldiers definitely. It will help you to anticipate them clearly.

USA Army Organization

There are ten important units in USA Army.

Fireteam: It consists of four soldiers. Its commander’s rank depends upon Staff Segment.

Squad: This is small unit of army. Another name of it is Section Cavalry. There are between 4 and 10 numbers of soldiers. Their commander rank relies on Segment or staff segment.

Platoon: This has no another name. Besides, it has from 16 to 40 soldiers in two or more squads. The commander rank is up to the Lieutenant.

Company: It has another name of Troop, Battery. In it, there are from one hundred to two hundred soldiers in between three and five platoons. Their commander rank is up to the captain.

Battalion: Another name of Battalion is Squadron. There are from 500 to 900 soldiers in between four and 6 companies. Its commander rank is tied to the Lt. Colonel.

Brigade: Another name of it is group. In this group, there are from 3000 to 500 soldiers in between two and five Battalions. It is led by Colonel.

Division: It possesses no another name. However, it has from 10000 to 18000 soldiers in three or more Brigades. This part is controlled by Major General.

Corps: It has no alternative name. But it has 2 or more divisions. Corps commander organizes it. Lt. General is responsible for this unit.

Field Army: It has two Corps, which Field Army Commander organizes. It is led by General or sometimes Lt. General.

Army Group: It has no another name, too. But there are 2 Field Armies, which Army group commander organizes. It is led by General, too.

Each unit has different duties and responsibilities. Thus, expectations will differ in various areas. For instance, their equipment is different along with responsibilities.


In the year of 1950, the country arranged the army again in order that they will be able to use atoms and armed powers well. This new development introduced new beginnings for the army. For instance, infantries changed group of battles. However, in 1958 all these groups took place in this structure. However, it began to be used in 1959 officially. It has facilitated the armies’ work in order that they would be able to work prosperously.

 Numeric Statistics

  • USA Army possesses 1.281.900 soldiers in itself in 2019.
  • Totally, it has 2.083.100 soldiers in itself.
  • It has 47 000.000.000 budgets for the defense.
  • It has warplanes accounting for the number of 1962.
  • USA has approximately 1416 planes in case of a war to attack.
  • Besides, USA has 973 helicopters to attack in 2019.

USA Army -
USA Army –

That is to say, USA group has been struggling for many years since the historical changes. It has powerful army. And besides, it is well organized for the soldiers. It provides with security for the people in the country as well as the other countries. However, its systematic structure will enable them to reach the top of the achievement and welfare in the country. All of the soldier in the army work for the citizens in the country and their people. Both technological developments and historical changes led to changes in the army. But the last information about army has been so recently.

All in all, each unit has different numbers of soldier along with various responsibilities. USA saves and keeps its power effectively through the soldiers and groups of people who struggle for the citizens. They will easily get the achievement by systematic structure of soldiers. All the commanders are responsible for different groups. And also their equipment and materials are different in each unit. Thus, you can understand that USA Army has such a power of soldiers and a power of equipment that it will be easy to continue the welfare of the company. Thanks to the wrists of the soldiers!