How Can You Make A Good Impression In Job Interviews?

You have so little time to make a good impression in a job interview. Of course, this duration can change according to interview type and your preparation level. Even if to introduce yourself in a job interview takes too long time, if you make a good impression, this duration can be shorter.

In a job interview, an applicant feels so excited himself or herself when they ask “Can you introduce yourself?”. You should make somethings to overcome this stressed duration. If you have an appointment for a job interview or a meeting, you should be ready. If you think that when I go to there, I overcome in any way, you lose.

First Impression Rules

  1. Don’t neglect to smile: Don’t forget smiling. In first impression, to smile has a big role for an employer or Human Resources Specialist or a manager. The first impression is related to the applicant’s smile. To get angry, to seem nervously and to sour shows that the applicant has a nervous character and he or she isn’t happy. To smile gives trust to an employer or Human Resources Specialist or a manager. By smiling in a job interview, you can open all of doors.
  2. Be prepared: To introduce yourself is a hard situation. Before going to a job interview, examine the company’s website, mission, vision, aims and after you learn all of them, choose your words according to this information. Every job interview is enjoyful until questions. When some questions are ended to the applicant to make him or her relax, you start to feel excitedly. If you bring a tablet, presentation materials or some documents with you, you don’t feel so excitedly yourself.
  3. Make investigation about the company: Don’t think that maybe they don’t like to be researched. Have information about the company, its shareholders, associations which it helps, etc. During the job interview, use your information about the company.
  4. Go Earlier: Instead of apologizing because of your late, go earlier than the appointment time. But, if you go to there too early, it reflects a different subject like “you have another work after here”. You should go before at least 10-15 minutes. If you go before 30 minutes, you wait so long time.

How Should You Offer Yourself in A Job Interview?

  • Preparation for A Job Interview: If you don’t make a well preparation, you cannot make your presentation well. Also, you can not go for a job interview without making an examination. If it is your turn, ask your questions and choose qualification questions. Express your aim. It should prove the employer or Human Resources Specialist or the manager. Also, you have to be careful your speaking tone, eye contact, appearance, behaviors and speaking speed.
  • During the Job Interview: The first impression is important. You should wear business attire and should seem like a professional. Give importance to specific points in your CV or resume. Express your experiences, your strengths, your weaknesses. You should answer questions which are asked to you clearly and directly. In a job interview, the authority or Human Resources Specialist or an employer wants you to be the correct person who he or she looked for. Also, you want to know whether that position is suitable for you or not. So, a job interview is an opportunity for you.
  • While Completing A Job Interview: If you cannot create a good impression, you can be sure that you can leave with a good note from there. Thank them and say that nice to meet them.

Important Points in A Job Interview

  1. Don’t describe your life story!

The first rule is quietly easy. If an applicant comes to the job interview by prepared, to introduce himself or herself is not hard. He or she starts to describe all of his or her life.

  1. Give necessary information!

Actually, an employer, partner or Human Resources Specialist wants to learn necessary information about you. What can they be? What are they? They are your academic background, successes, certificates, experiences, your skills, why you are interested in that company, why they should choose you, why you are a well personal, etc. While you are describing about your experiences, skills, education life, successes, certificates, etch, you shouldn’t give unnecessary information. You should talk about just necessary things. While you are talking about your skills, you have to say your skills which are related to that position of the job. Besides that, you shouldn’t forget to show your information about the company. It is important for you to have a good impression onĀ an employer, partner or Human Resources Specialist.