Follow Up After a Job Interview

You were invited for a job interview which you applied and you wanted so much. Your interview was so perfect that you are sure that they will accept you for that position. In spite of the specific time after the job interview, they didn’t call you. Should you call the firm about your situation or should you accept this situation and apply for other job advertisements? How long should you wait for their reply? Whatever you decide, the most important one is to wait for their reply without feeling stressed.

To wait for their reply is as stressed duration as the job interview. Maybe they will accept you or not.

Things to Do After a Job Interview

  • Learn Their Communication Information: You should take the authority’s communication information after your interview finishes. This step will specify the next step so it is quietly important. The second step is to ask when they will reply you if they don’t say to you in the interview. These steps will get easier your work about following up the reply.
  • Thank: It is known that if you send a thank you e-mail after a job interview, Human Resources Specialists, authorities or employers don’t forget you while they are deciding who they will choose. Also, it is a good impression. So, you should write a good, effective and correct thank you e-mail to Human Resources Specialist, an authority or an employer after the job interview. In this e-mail, you can send your project if you talk about it duration the job interview, you can have one more chance to show your wistfulness.
  • Follow Up: Maybe you had a perfect job interview. But you shouldn’t wait to be called by them. Follow up the process. If they give a date to you and they don’t reply you even if you are in that date, you can send the second e-mail and you write that you are waiting impatiently for their reply and if they have any development about this issue or not.
  • Don’t Act Impatiently: The biggest mistake in the follow up process is to call Human Resources Specialist, authority or employer lots of time and send e-mail to them and disturb them. You shouldn’t forget that maybe something about the job changed or it postponed for a little time, their decision process didn’t finish. If they didn’t reply for long time, you can send the second e-mail to remind yourself, but you shouldn’t use anxious and interrogator expressions in your e-mail.

Job Interview Mistakes

Job interview is a critic step of job search process. In a job interview, your answers create the first impression for Human Resources Specialists, authorities or employers. If you are kind, patient and positive, you can give a positive energy to the authority. It affects his or her decision. Sometimes your behaviors express more than your words. For example; you go to a job interview after a birthday party, your teeth seems so dirty and the first impression becomes so badly for both Human Resources Specialists, authorities or employers and you. Consciously, the first impression is quietly important for you in a job interview.