Excuse Letter and E-mail for Sickness

Some people can face some problems such as illness during working. They cannot cure themselves immediately. And they need some time to relax at home. Or they might need to see a doctor immediately in some emergent occasions. Thus, they need to be off for a few days in order to have a rest and cure themselves. However, they should inform the bosses immediately by using emails, letters, phone call, messages. Some employers might not prefer some ways to information, while the others do not find any inconvenience of texting messages or calling. An employee should anticipate the right way to inform the boss in emergent occasions. Thus, this passage mentions about the ways to inform in case of illness, ways to write and excuse letter in case of illness and examples of excuse letters.

Information of Sickness

There are many ways to inform the boss when you have sickness. However, it is difficult to decide right way to inform the bosses.

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Sickness – gettyimages.com

Texting Messages

Some employers might not take kindly to send messages when you come across sickness. This can be done in emergent occasions but the employers can find this way as posterior order. It can be troublesome to some extent, which the employers call it as informal way. Thus, you shouldn’t utilize this way for the information of your sickness if you don’t have to.

Phone Call

Phone call is much more formal than the first one. But you can call your boss or other related people when you can’t even stand on feet.  You can opt this choice in order to show your seriousness of sickness. But you can write a note after returning back to the work. Employers can anticipate the degree of your sickness when you call them for emergent occasions. Thus , you can be off for a few days through a call. But a written document needs to complete it then.

Medical Report

Provided that you are so sick that you cannot go to work for more than four days, you can wish a doctor to give you medical report to give it your company. Thus, you can have a rest for days more in a formal way. It is written document that shows your sickness and your need to rest for a while away from office or work. It can’t take employers’ negative attention because it is formal way. However, you should use this way just only for seriousness of sickness. You mustn’t take this report constantly. Or else, it can reduce your loyalty to work.

Excuse Letter and Email

It is formal, too. But if you wish to inform your illness immediately, you can write and send it in a hurry. However, both have a format to inform your boss about your sickness.


You can write this title in bold. And write your absence from work. Besides, you can also write your name. But it is not obligation.


Write a paragraph beginning with Dear Sir or Madam. And then write about the period of sickness. For instance, you can say ‘’ Please accept my note about my absence on January 9, 2019.’’ I could not participate in the work owing to cold flu’’ You can also add ‘’ you can tell me if you need information in detail.’’

End of Letter or Email

You can finish your excuse document with some statements such as Best Regards, your sincerely, thank you, which gains much more formal atmosphere with your respects.

Last Part of Email

You can write your name, communication knowledge such as e mail address, contact number. In the letter of your excuse, you should also sign it with your name. However, you can’t sign on the emails, though.

These steps will help you to make a format about the email or letter in your mind. In addition, you can say that you give some tasks to one of your colleagues in order that he will complete it. You can give this additional information in order that you work in a proper way without getting far away from the duties you possess. Besides, you should say all the problems you come across in clear way without beating about the bush. You should be formal, clear and short.

Steps to Follow

  • Call your emergently to be off for a few days .
  • Write an email showing your absence for a few days.
  • Mention about the fact that your colleague will help during your absence.
  • Give contact data for further information.
  • Make clear and short statements.
  • Be much more formal.
  • Care about your gently style of writing.
  • Write an excuse letter in detail after returning back.
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    Excuse Letter – reinadelaselva.com


All in all, all the people could come across such occasions including illness. Thus, you should know the ways to inform the boss immediately. Your importance to work reflects in your emails or letters. Besides, the employers will be able to consider that you are loyal to your company too much. These steps will increase your worth in the employers’ mind. Thus, you should be aware of the formal procedures in case of sickness. It is important to follow these advises to shape yourself on the employers’ mind.