How to End Letter with Closing Examples

In a business letter, the reader takes attention your closing, because it specifies the value which you give to your answerer. If you make closing with a wrong word, that word effects your all communication negatively. You should use positive closing words. The reader should feel it.

When you use a suitable closing word or words in your letter, the reader doesn’t notice it. But if you use an unsuitable closing word, it will fall your value for the reader.

Letter Closing Examples

Closing Words
These letter closing examples are just for business and employment-related letters.

Sincerely, Regards, Yours truly, and yours sincerely – In a formal letter, these closing words are mostly used ones. .

Best regards, cordially, and yours respectfully – These letter closings are more personally. If you have little information about the person, you can use these letter closings in your letter.

Warm regards, best wishes, and with appreciation – If you know the person whom you write, you can use them. These are more sincere letter closings.

More Letter Closing Examples

While you end your letter with a letter closing, you should decide which letter closing you will use in your letter. You should choose the suitable one. If you write it to your boss, you can end your letter with “Sincerely, Regards, etc…” but when you write it to the person whom you know, you can end with “Best Regards, Best Wishes, etc…”


Cordially yours,

Fond regards,

In appreciation,
in sympathy,

Kind regards,
Kind thanks,
Kind wishes,

Many thanks,

Respectfully yours,

sincerely yours,

Thank you,
Thank you for your assistance in this matter,
Thank you for your consideration,
Thank you for your recommendation,
Thank you for your time,

Warm regards,
Warm wishes,

With appreciation,
with deepest sympathy,
with gratitude,
with sincere thanks,
with sympathy,

Your help is greatly appreciated,
yours cordially,
yours faithfully,
yours sincerely,
yours truly,


You should capitalize your first word of letter closing. If it is more than one, you should capitalize the first word and you have to use lowercase for other words.

Letter Closings to Avoid

There are some structures that you don’t want to use them as your letter’s letter closing. Because they are not suitable for your letter. They are:

Take care,

If you write a business letter, you cannot end it with XOXO. It would be a very comic and also bad situation. When you write a letter to your close friend, you can end your letter with Love, Cheers, XOXO, etc…

Your Signature

You should sign under your letter closing. When this is a physical letter, you should sign your name in pen, and then include your typed signature below. When this is an email letter, you have to simply include your typed signature below your sendoff.

While this is a physical letter, your contact information will be at the top of the letter. If this is an email, you should include that information under your typed signature. This will allow the recipient to respond to you easily.

How to Format a Letter Ending

Firstly you should select a letter closing, you write it and put a comma. After some space, you sign there.

When you send a hard copy letter, you leave four lines space between the letter closing and your typed signature. You have to use this space to sign your name in your pen.

When you send an e-mail, you leave one space between the complimentary close and your typed signature. And you include your contact information directly below your typed signature.

Hard Copy Letter Signature

An example of handwritten signature
A Handwritte Signatuıre

E-mail Message Signature

A Typed Signature Example
Typed Signature

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