Data Entry Jobs From Home and Examples

If you are a housewife or you don’t have a chance to work outside, you look for freelance jobs like data entry, translation, writing, etc. You have lots of selections to work at home. You can apply for these jobs from web. You can look for how you can apply for these jobs, how you can make data entry and your earnings at below.

What Is Data Entry Job?

Data entry job is little mixed job. There are some documents that cannot be read, are mixed, forms, surveys, valuable documents, writings which are written on flexible materials. A person who is a data entry personnel, writes such documents by hand or they use a computer program to write them on PC.

How Can You Make Data Entry Job?

After the documents are examined by the specialists, data entry can be made by determining suitable operator who can make this work in an office or at home where data entry job can be made.

Data Entry Software

Data entry service is known as to be written data by to be read from a paper by an operator. This service can be made in this way,it is important to benefit from technology with the aim of decreasing the cost of the customer and to increase accuracy rate to 100%. By using the technology, you can read some documents with the data entry software. If you make so, you can speed up your work and you just regulate the mistakes.

Security of Data 

You should be careful about security of data. They belong to the customers and they are important for them. So, operators are elected sensitively. All medias of the computer of an operator (usb, mail, cd, web and etc.) are closed with the aim of providing security of data.

Input Fields (Data Entry Fields)

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • ERP, MRP, CRM, Accounting Software and Other Institutional Software
  • Sql Server, MySQL databases

When Is Data Entry Required?

  1. Hand Writings
  2. Application Forms
  3. Survey Forms
  4. Bills
  5. Antique Books
  6. Lecture Notes
  7. Sound Recordings
  8. Television Program Dialogues
  9. Meeting Records
  10. Accounting Documents

What Are Data Entry Operators’ Duties?

  • To manage various content inputs of institutional websites.
  • Do records of data of production, supply chain, store, selling, return and dispatch to the system.
  • Make comparative controls of data in the process of data entry.
  • To transfer and to hid bills and selling documents to digital media.
  • To procure suitable materials like photos, with the aim of using on firms’ websites making online selling.
  • To entry products’ expressions and describe them to increase the content.
  • To entry new products, discounts and campaigns to the system and to make their publicities.
  • To record customers’ information forms to the system.
  • To provide inventory control from the related program and to provide currentness.
  • To entry institution’ agreements to the system and to file.
  • To protect security and confidentiality of data which are entried to the system.
  • To secure all of information by towing data bases.
  • To control desultoriness’s of the system regularly and to prevent them.
  • To coordinate with other departments like accounting, finance, human resources and selling, etc.
  • To make reports regularly to the related managers.

How Should You Have Characteristics to Be A Data Entry Operator?

  • To have a command of information technologies.
  • To be able to show presentation and reporting skill.
  • To be inclined to team work.
  • To show skill of producing solves for the problems.
  • To have effective communication skill.

Examples of Data Entry Companies

  1. AccuTran Global
  2. Axion Data Services
  3. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
  4. Capital Typing
  5. Birch Creek Communications
  6. Clickworker
  7. DataPlus+
  8. DionData Solutions
  10. Quicktate or iDictate
  11. Scribie
  12. SigTrack
  13. Working Solutions
  • By applying for these companies upon their websites, you can have a chance to work with them. Maybe you can earn little but it is an enjoyful work.