Credit Card Authorization Form

What is a Credit Card Authorization Form?

An authorization form for the credit card provides you to authorize the companies, merchant or other entities for using your card in a specified amount. This form is usually preferred to charge the specified amount in a regular schedule or at any time. For example; if I give you a permission to charge an amount of 100$ from my credit card every month, you can take that money through my credit card every month. I can give this permission for any regular time schedule or only at a purchasing transaction. This form is filled to give the related authorization. This form is used by the banks-(bank of card holder and bank of the merchant). This is important because through this form, a merchant requests for the approving of the card holder’s account limit if he can take his money from the card holder’s bank by his/her credit card.


Credit Card Authorization Form

How is the Credit Card Authorization Form used?

A credit card authorization form is used to take the authorization for using a specified amount with a credit card. Credit Card usages have been very common for the recent years (especially online transactions) and this form is very important for these transactions. The credit card holders must have the sufficient money amount in their bank to realize the merchandise transactions. There are some basic steps for the working of the system:

  • Authorization request is sent to the card holder’s bank.
  • The bank of the card holder state that if the card holder’s account and card limit is available for the purchasing
  • When the approving is ok, the specified money amount is taken from the card holder’s bank
Credit Card Authorization Form

The credit card authorization is also used in the invoice automation transactions. When you want to pay your invoices as automatically per month, you can give authorization using this form.

What should a Credit Card Authorization Form include?

An authorization form may be in different formats but have the same basic titles:

  • Information of the card holder
  • Information of credit card-you should be careful for using the full details
  • Write the name of your business or company which will charge your credit card
  • The signature of the card holder
Credit Card Authorization Form

Where can you find the Authorization Form?

There are ready templates for the authorization form of a credit card. The ready templates are practical and easy to use. You can find the templates by writing the related key words which related to the subject on the search engines. Templates are generally free of charge and the things you should do are very simple; choose a template, then download and edit it according to your need. If you use a template, you can complete your form in a very short time. Also they will look professional. We are listing some good websites for you:


Let’s decide your credit card authorization form template and start to complete your form effortlessly.