Comparison of Curriculum Vitae and Resume

Why curriculum vitae and resume are different from each other? Why some people use curriculum vitae and others use resume? Let’s see comparison of them.

Basic differences between curriculum vitae and resume are length, content and using fields. While both of them are used for professional job applications, a curriculum vitae and a resume aren’t always changeable.

What is a Curriculum Vitae?

Curriculum Vitae offers person’s experiences and skills. Typically CV is longer. They gives information of a person whose academic history information like educational background, degree, researching, award, publications, presentations and other achievements. So CV has more details and especially it gives more information about academic history.

Curriculum Vitae means “summary”. Your CV is a summary of your educational background, work experiences and social life. You should offer your summary so clearly and understandably that when the employer or Human Resources Specialists see your CV, they should say that “You are here!” and they should accept you for the job. With a quality CV, you can reach the job you dream. But firstly you should it with caution. You don’t need to give unimportant and unnecessary information about you. You should give important and necessary information. The employer or Human Resources Specialists should know you with your CV.

What is a CV Summary?

A curriculum vitae summary includes your experiences, your skills and your educational background so shortly. It describes your quickly and it doesn’t give unnecessary details. It takes just one or two pages. Sometimes employers or Human Resources Specialists can ask such a CV summary.

Which Information Should You Give in Your CV?

In your CV, you should write your name, surname, contact information, education, skills and experiences.

Addition to your basic informations, you can mention about your researching studies, publications, awards, scholarship, professional associations, licenses and information about the position you want to apply.

A CV Example

You can take a glance at this CV example. So you can learn how you will prepare your CV, which information you will have to give in your CV and other details.

CV Example
CV Example

What is a Resume?

Resume is a document which is prepared to take attention of targetted company and the employer to  the work.

With professional approach, resume should be prepared specially for each application. It is the most important issue which will create the chance for a job application so to prepare a resume should be spend enough time and energy. You should choose your words carefully because they will introduce you to your next employer. The employers choose applicants if they like CV. To prepare an effective resume, firstly you should specify your aim. Then you should specify your resume format.  There are so many different resume tips. You can examine resumes which are prepared by other applicants and industies. Your resume should take care of the employer, so you should give importance to your resume.

In your resume, you should write your name, resume objective, contact details, education, work experiences, references and additional information. You should describe yourself in your resume.

A Resume Example

There is an example of resume. You can take it as an example or you can use it as your format.  In this document, the applicant described his qualifications in detail. Also you should describe so. Employer should wonder about your writing and he/she should want to know you.

A good and detailed resume
Resume Example

CV and Resume Writing Tips

While you are writing your CV or your resume, you can use these clients to have better document about yourself.

Change your CV or resume to the job application:  It is an effective way to have the job you dream. If you change your CV or resume according to job applications, your chance to have an interview increases. Employer thinks that you give importance to have that job. There are some special words. You can use them by changing according to job positions.

Use a template: You can create your template for your resume or CV, and you use it. You organize it according to different job applications. And you can prepare more clear and understandable CV or resume.

Proofread and edit: Before using your resume or CV, you should proofread and edit your CV or resume. Sometimes when we prepare our document, we cannot see our faults but after little time, we can see them clearly and we want to change them. Certainly your format should be formal and you should use a formal language.

How to Write a Well-Prepared Resume?

  • Firstly you should select your format. There are three tips of resume: chronological, functional and combination. But you don’t need to use all of them. You choose one them and you use it to prepare your resume.
  • Secondly you should write for robots and also human. In some companies, CV mails fall into the system and computer separates them according to some features. So you should prepare your resume quietly carefully. Also in some companies, Human Resources Departments or employers take a glance at your resume. It should take attention them.

How to Write a Well-Prepared CV?

  • Firstly you should select your format. As I said above, there are some tips of CV.
  • Secondly you organize your content. You make order them and you write with a formal language in your CV. You can also use an international language in your CV. You can specify that how professional you are.

International CVs

International CV is a standard format showing your educational background, experiences and skills. With this format, you can write your personal information, experiences, education and skills in your CV. Because this document is same with the CV in US, it will be valid in other countries and you can apply for job applications in other language. These CV is free and you can offer your skills and experiences clearly. You have a CV which is valid in Europe. You can combine your education with your format. You can specify your well features even if you have little experience. International CV provides convenience to applicant and also to employer with its standard format.