Career Assessment Tests For Job Applicants

There are some tests which are prepared for job applicants and include questions about skill, personality features, interested areas and selections. When we examine the examples of USA and Europe, computer-based tests are used to determine personality factors which are limited information. The tests which are used for selection of workers, are generally foreign resourced and they are adapted to Turkish without thinking social-cultural differences.

In the final step of the job interview or while waiting for a promotion in the company, you are informed that you will have an assessment progress. Okay, what is assessment progress? How is a process waiting for you? What should you do for preparations?

In assessment process, some companies prefer their offices but some of them prefer big hotels. All day long, you will come across lots of activities, tests and performance tests both in a group and single.

Tests and duties are specified with the attendance of some specialists within this progress. After the tests which are made step by step, it is specified that whether the applicant is suitable for that position or not.

There are some tests used in job applications.

  • Case Studies
  • Group Discussion About A Specific Subject
  • Exercises for A Specific Work to Do
  • Presentations
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Role Playing Games
  • Social Activities
  • Written Tests

How Is an Assessment Made?

In such progresses, some skills are required. Employers take their decisions by looking at specific criterions whether a new applicant is suitable for that position or that duty or not. These are some examples to them:

  1. To be able to adapt to new situations
  2. Analytical thinking
  3. Commercial Awareness
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Creativity
  6. To decide
  7. Discuss ability
  8. Organizational Skills
  9. Persuasive Ability
  10. Planning Skill
  11. To be suitable for teamwork – teamwork skills
  12. To be able to do time management

How Should You Prepare for Assessment Tests?

To prepare well for this process like all of other job interviews, is one of ways to increase your success. If it is necessary to order some clues, they are;

  1. Try to be in communication with someone who worked in that company before or attended to this process of this company.
  2. Prepare required documents before the final day.
  3. Examine documents which are sent about the company and also duty, have information about skills which are looked for by the employer.
  4. Make an exercise with your friends or your family about the questions which may be asked.
  5. Join assessments by examining website, social media accountants and reports which are published by that company.
  6. Have information about the company’s competitors and sector trends.
  7. Examine your CV and application form again.
  8. Don’t lose your motivation with tests and studies which take your all day.
  9. When you think that you have a mistake, don’t give importance it and prepare yourself for the other step.
  10. Focus on your potential instead of thinking other applicants.
  11. Be attender in group discussions and include others to the discussions.
  12. Attend group assessment and discussion at except for assessment time like in eating times.
  13. Reveal yourself and your potential.
  14. Believe yourself.

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