Behavioral Job Interview Technique

Nowadays, job interviews are modernized more. On the contrary of classical job interviews, questions which are focused on skills and behaviors, are asked any more. Behavioral job interview technique is mostly used nowadays and it has the highest validity.

The biggest aim of behavioral job interviews is to be able to guess work performance in the future job with the behaviors which the applicant made before. For example; instead of “What would you do in such a bad situation?”, it should be asked to the applicant that “What did you do and what did you say when you came across with this situation?”. What the applicant did when he or she came across with a bad situation is more important than what the applicant will do when he or she comes across a bad situation.

Behavioral Job Interview Technique

This technique is mostly used for high-experienced applicants. While you are having a job interview with an applicant who graduated newly, you can ask about his or her behaviors when he or she comes across similar situations. Generally, this technique isn’t used for newly graduated applicants, they cannot give a well response, because they don’t have any experience about business life.

Basically, behavioral job interview technique asks to the applicant how he or she overcame from hard situations in his or her work history.

Behavioral Job Interview Questions

  1. Decision Making Questions:
  • Can you give an example about decisions which you had to give in your previous works? How did you make these decisions? How alternatives did you think while you were making these decisions?
  • Have you ever employed any personnel? Did you make that decision? Which kinds of criteria did you take consideration?
  1. Problem Solving Questions:
  • Please, give an example of the most satisfactory problem solving which you made. Can you compare it with a situation which you felt yourself incompetent?
  • Describe the last even which you prevented the biggest problem which can obtain.
  1. Analysis Questions:
  • Have your ever noticed a problem before your colleagues? Can you give some examples to us?
  1. Determination Questions:
  • Please describe two situations; one of them which you can make a decision easily and one of them which you can make a decision hardly.
  1. Creativity Questions:
  • Have you ever had an opportunity to solve a problem one more time? What happened? Where and how did you use this idea?
  • Specify your contributions to your company.
  1. Persuasiveness / Sales Ability Questions:
  • Have you ever been too stubborn in your workplace to reach your aim?
  • What was one of the best ideas which you sold to your friend or your manager? What were your approaches?
  • Sell this phone to me, please.
  • How did you persuade your manager when he or she didn’t want?
  1. Teamwork Questions:
  • Have you ever been taken out the team which you worked with?
  • How can you create a team spirit? Please give some examples.
  • Give an example about the situation which you worked on a project and your colleagues didn’t accept your decisions.
  • How do you take into account your colleagues’ ideas or emotions while you are making a decision?
  1. General Questions:
  • What is your management method? Can you mention about your experiences about your management method?
  • Are you a stubborn person? If you are, can you give an example about it.
  • Please describe a situation which your team was unsuccessful.
  • Have you persuaded any person soon?
  • Have you ever had a situation which you couldn’t keep yours temper? How have you overcome from it?
  • How can you make your time planning? What are your priorities?

Classified Questions of Behavioral Job Interview

  1. Teamwork: In such questions, the authority wants you to describe a situation which you had a problem with your colleagues and how you overcame it. Mention about how situation to work with a person who is opposite of you. Give an example about a discussion which you have had while you are working with a team. You can mention about a memory which you tried to deal with an important person.
  2. Direct Conservation Abilities with a Customer: To persuade the authority, you can mention about a situation which you have had a good impression on the customer. Give an example about that you couldn’t meet the customer’s expectations.
  3. Adaptability Skill: Mention about a period when you were so stressed and under the stress. What happened and how did you overcome it?
  4. Time Management Skills: You can describe about a time when you have had a strategy to reach your priorities. Mention about your aims and what you did to reach them.
  5. Communication Skills: This question is related to your persuasiveness. Give an example that you persuade an important person or your colleague.
  6. Motivation and Values: Describe your achievement which you are proud. You can describe a memory which you solved a problem instead of waiting from another person. You can talk about your creativity about your work.