A Thank You Letter after a Job Interview

To send a thank you letter after a job interview has become like an obligation any more. Behaviors in a job interview is not made according to a book, they form according to people’s successes. When a person becomes successful in a job interview, other people imitate him or her. And it becomes an obligation in the course of time. To write a thank you letter after a job interview may be an employer’s, Human Resources Specialist’s or an authority’s demand. Some authorities don’t give importance to applicants who are not interested in following up the result of the job interview. So, to write a thank you letter after a job interview is important about result of it. But you should make it quickly. You should send your thank you letter within 1-2 hours after your job interview.

What is Thank You Letter? Why Should You Write It?

Thank you letter after a job interview is sent to people who are making job interview. It shows that you thank for being thought for the job. Also, it repeats your care about the position. It can be used to add your well characteristics that you cannot write in your CV or resume, or you forgot to say in the interview.

Actually, to send a thank you letter after a job interview is a kindness indicator. Also, it is your opportunity to remind why you are suitable for that position. You can think it as a final section. Emphasize your skills, interests and work experiences, as related to your conservation in the job interview, in your letter. A thank you letter after a job interview is a good opportunity to remind yourself. If your interview is not good, it can be a chance for you.

When to Write and Send a Thank You Letter

Take some notes after the job interview and write your impressions. Think questions which were asked by the authority and important skills and responsibilities. Send your note immediately after the interview. Send it in the same day or next day. Also you can send it by e-mail.

You should see your thank you letter as a selling letter. You can specify why you want that job, your characteristics, how you can contribute. A thank you letter is a wonderful opportunity to write the things which you forget to say in the job interview or you want to add.

You shouldn’t forget to check your thank you letter. Maybe you write your letter so quickly. You may have punctuation marks mistakes or spelling or grammar mistakes. To regulate it, you can use “Review” button on Mc Office Word Program. When you click it, it shows your mistakes to you.

Maybe you have incoherency in your thank you letter. To regulate it, you can show your thank you letter to your friend or family member.

What to Do After a Job Interview

  • Take communication information of the authority or the employer or Human Resources Specialist. You should have communication information of him or her to learn about the result of your job interview.
  • To thank is a kindness indicator. It shows that you give importance and value to that job and company.
  • Follow up. You should follow up your job interview. You can follow up by e-mail or phone conversation.
  • Don’t lose patience. You should be patient, you shouldn’t disturb the authority or the employer or Human Resources Specialist by calling or sending e-mail lots of time, you have to know to wait.