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What all can you draw with a 3d drawing app?

3d drawing is a sort of drawing that is becoming more and more popular. There are several tutorials on how to do many such drawings by the use of a pencil. Now there’s an...

Optical illusions

Have you ever seen a shape, which is moving when you look but it is stable in reality? Most probably you are familiar with that kind of pictures from the Internet because people use...
Pathfinder Character Sheet

Pathfinder Character Sheet

What is a Pathfinder Character Sheet? Pathfinder is a strategic game and to manage the game in the most powerful way, you should know your game characters very well. In order to record the all...

Paper Flowers

Do you have flowers in your backyard and do you feel guilty when you pick those flowers? Now, we have a solution for you: paper flowers. These flowers looks like alive and they are...

Unit Circle

Tennis Court Oath

What is The Tennis Court Oath?

Dreams of the King Louis 16th Order of the French King Louis 16th, France helped American colonies for 8 years. As a result, French economy was collapsed. This situation has had very bad consequences for...

Ugly People